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INC President Dr. Bill Barnett, Named Adjunct Professor, Gordon-Conwell Seminary

Spearheading a New Initiative to Spread the Gospel Worldwide Via the Arts

NAPLES, FLORIDA and HAMILTON, MASSACHUSSETS. The board of directors of the International Network of Creatives (INC) announced that its President and CEO, Dr. Bill Barnett, has been named Adjunct Professor by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to advance its vision of spreading the Gospel worldwide via the arts through his teaching and via a partnership with INC. Dr. Barnett has also been appointed to the Leighton Ford Initiative (LFI) in Theology, the Arts, and Gospel Witness Board.

A Global Vision for the Arts and Theology

In his new role, Dr. Barnett will serve as Co-Mentor of doctoral students in the new program, and coordinate its efforts to achieve a global Gospel impact and witness via his teaching and collaboration between Gordon-Conwell and INC.

Dr. Barnett said,

“I am honored to serve with one of the top evangelical seminaries in the world to inspire, and equip artists, pastors, as well as worship and creative arts ministers around the globe, to embrace a new vision for the arts and theology, and the discipleship of artists who will change the world for Christ.”

Dr. Wesley Vander Lugt, Adjunct Professor of Theology and Acting LFI Director, elaborated on the Initiative’s goals:

“LFI plans to offer a Certificate in Theology, the Arts, and Gospel Witness; host pilgrimages to sites of global arts influence; provide theological engagement with public art; host creative residencies; and explore an arts chaplaincy concentration.” He adds, “Dr. Barnett will be a driving force and proponent of LFI’s efforts to bring the arts and theology to the forefront of congregations and ministry leaders globally.”

Dr. Barnett also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Liberty University’s John Rawlings School of Divinity, mentoring doctoral students. Dr. Barnett also teaches courses and seminars on the Arts, Theology, and Discipleship. He is Founder, President and CEO of INC.

INC’s Mission is to mobilize a generation of creatives to lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ. And it is achieving remarkable outcomes globally through its ministry programs that evangelize and disciple artists in all genres to saturate their communities and spheres of influence with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ, changing the world one heart at a time.

Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary is an evangelical seminary with its main campus in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and three other campuses in Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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