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The International Network of Creatives offers various programs and projects to support and empower creatives worldwide. Our initiatives include mentorship programs, workshops, and art residencies. We strive to create a community of artists who use their talents to serve others and spread hope through their art.

Community Groups

Get Creative Kids Program

Arts for Recovery

Our global outreach program provides resources and support to creatives in developing countries. We believe that every artist deserves the opportunity to share their talent with the world, regardless of their location or socio-economic background. We partner with local organizations to provide art supplies, workshops, and mentorship to aspiring artists.

Our artistic activism program empowers artists to use their art as a tool for social change. We partner with organizations and communities to create art projects that raise awareness about important social issues and inspire action.

Our artistic entrepreneurship program helps artists develop their business skills and turn their passion into a viable career. We provide resources and training to help artists market their work, build their brand, and create sustainable income streams.

Pray for the Arts Global

INC Serve Projects

INC Global Academy

Our creative discipleship program is designed to help artists grow in their faith and use their art as a tool for ministry. We provide resources and training to help creatives integrate their faith with their art and use their talents to impact their communities.

Our artistic healing program uses art as a form of therapy and healing. We partner with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities to provide art therapy for patients who are recovering from illness or injury.

Our artistic collaboration program encourages artists to work together and create collaborative projects. We believe that art has the power to bring people together and break down barriers. We provide resources and support to help artists collaborate on projects that promote unity and understanding.



Creatives Changing Culture

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