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INC launches first Worship service at David Lawrence Center, Naples, Florida

Updated: Mar 25

A message of hope for the recovery community of Southwest Florida.

In early May, INC launched its first worship service at David Lawrence Center's Crossroads Recovery program in Naples, Florida, reaching adults battling various addictions and mental illnesses. We praise the Lord for 18 who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior over the past three weeks. INC is committed to meeting and addressing the tremendous need for addiction recovery in Southwest Florida. So far this year, INC has touched over 250 in the community who are gaining confidence and hope for their recovery journeys and beginning a relationship with God. Worship at DLC will advance INC’s mission of leading people to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the One who transforms lives coming alongside them on their faith journeys, connecting them to a church home.


“Dr. Bill and his INC team coming to Crossroads have significantly impacted my life and recovery! I have recommitted my life to Christ. It has been a pleasure to attend service every week, and I will incorporate it into my life once I leave Crossroads. Creating a God Journal on my own and painting it has helped me take notes throughout clad, AA/NA Meetings, and during the INC service or anytime God is speaking to me through others or events. My 28 days here at Crossroads were the same with Dr. Bill and his team. I am eternally grateful and will remain in touch.” Dawn

“I accepted Jesus into my heart today. My grandfather and uncle preached and played in the band at church. I was tremendously inspired at worship today because not only do I love music, I loved each of the songs we sang, and I was excited to join in o the congas. I am thankful for this time and moment in my life to participate in something so special, and it means a lot. I am inspired to start writing music again, but this time, Gospel music.” Johnny

“God has always been in my home but always forced out until recently when I lost my mother and sister and the health problems of my grandparents. I have found God and let Him in! I accepted Jesus into my heart today. I felt a chain break in my heart, and my shoulders are lighter. I still struggle with “why,” but I believe I am loved and forgiven. I have found acceptance! I have started waking up and expressing gratitude even in sad times. God has used my trials to draw me closer to Him, and I am grateful.” Gianna

“This is the first church, and my fifth and only time I have ever attended any church. I am very grateful for Dr. Bill and everyone who has come to help on his team. It has been an uplifting and positive part of my journey here. Thank you!” Gage

“Today was a fresh reassurance that I needed as I was having a little doubt about my purpose in my life and if I was in the right place or if God still had His hand on me. I grew up in church and know He will never leave me. It is I who left Him. But today reminded me that I will leave the 99 for just one, and I am that one. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” Frankie

This service brought me back to the center again. It is why I couldn’t continue living how I was and how powerful and merciful Papa is. He has never let me down, and He always answers my prayers. I prayed the prayer of salvation, and I am truly grateful.” Jimmy

“God is so good. I accepted Jesus into my heart. Thank you so much for coming here today. I really needed it.” Matt

“Today’s service touched my heart deeply. The powerful emotions came flooding out in my tears – things I have buried deep within me because it hurts to face all I have done. I now feel hopeful again and safe in this special place today. Thank you, Dr. Bill.” Marci

“I am thankful for the Lord, a second chance, a thousandth chance to claim Him as my Father. I gave my heart to Christ today. I left Him, walked away, and even doubted him as my Father, yet here He is today, still creating and performing miracles in my life – three beautiful and amazing healthy children, sobriety, a good man, and amazing healthy friends. The Lord does wonders.” Mary

Be a part of what God is doing in Southwest Florida, and beyond!

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