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Network of Creatives

Artists advancing the Great Commission


“We are His Masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works,

which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Eph. 2:10


The International Network of Creatives is an alliance of artists actively advancing the Great Commission.  


Plato said, “those who tell stories rule society.” One could affirm today that the hand that paints a masterpiece, the hand that composes a symphony, writes a sonnet, tells a story, or sings a song shapes culture. The arts have always been one of the most potent forces in transforming the world.


There is no greater influence in shaping culture than the arts. Author Francis Schaeffer said that “art reflects culture and art changes culture.” Artists have a disproportionate power to shape culture today. A very small demographic strategically placed can change everything. If that demographic has significant influence in the world of visual arts, fashion, music, film and other media, they can change the minds of a whole generation of people. It is more important than ever that people with a Christian worldview occupy those places of profound influence.


Artists have great opportunities to heal, nurture, shape and unleash the creative souls of the world. Urgency leads to vision. To accomplish the vision requires a mission which requires a rationale of what we hope to accomplish in community. We will support and build the communities. How will we do it? How will we impact culture?



Develop and deploy artists to lead people to saving faith

in Jesus Christ, the One who transforms lives.


“One generation shall commend your works to another

and shall declare your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4 ESV





DISCIPLE artists to embrace a Christ Identity, experience authentic community,

and walk in their God-given purpose.



REACH the least, the lost and the last, using various art forms.



INSPIRE artists to create with excellence and impact for the glory of God.



Many artists hold to various worldviews that are averse to a biblical one. Both secular and Christian artists are on a mission to transform the culture. Over centuries, artists have functioned in various roles within the church, marketplace, government, communications, entertainment, and education. The arts are a vehicle to reconnect the world with God, restoring the holiness and dignity of the world as He created it to be.


Research shows that artists are infusing the culture with a New Age ethos. God has instituted the church as His most redeeming force to transform culture. Rather than allowing the arts to be taken over by the forces of darkness, the church should disciple, and unleash creatives to transform culture with their God-given talents. Artists need to be affirmed and celebrated as partners in the mission of the church.


By coming alongside churches and community organizations to establish discipleship programs to reach artists, a new generation of artists is emerging. 


“Go and make disciples of all nations…”  Matthew 28:19

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