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NATHAN FORD: Mentoring and Shaping Third Culture Kids in Moscow, Russia

Nathan is a member of INC’s Community Groups.

“Our group is studying Luke 10:27 which tells me to love God with everything. Everything. And I need to seek to understand what this means every day. Additionally, loving people isn't a side note, it's a central focus as well. But we can't fully love people if we're not loving God first. We love people through God. It was just good to be thinking about these things throughout the week, sometimes it was a change of perspective. Amidst all the difficulties we've had the last couple years, this group has been a great support.”

Nathan teaches World Literature at Hinkson Christian Academy, where he challenges students to think critically and form opinions regarding other cultures to try and understand someone outside of themselves. This is critical as so many people try to tell today’s kids what and how they should think. Ford teaches Boys Health. His is essentially the Gatekeeper to manhood for the boys. Respect and responsibility for oneself and others, and what that means. Nathan also teaches Theatre, Film, and Public Speaking. Our God is a creator and a master storyteller; it’s his responsibility to grow the students in this as well. One of Nathan’s most significant responsibilities (and most difficult) is mentorship and living a Godly life.

The students are Third Culture Kids, in-between their native culture and the culture of the country they live and have grown up in, as well as being exposed to everything the internet and social media have to offer like every other kid in the world.

“I show them Christ, who he is and who they are, how much he loves them, and the truth; Christ is the only true foundation they can rely on in the world. It’s my calling to build in them (as best I can) a foundation in Christ that they can take with them when they leave.” says Ford.

Additionally, God has given Nathan an outlet outside of Hinkson. Moscow has a very active English Theatre community, and he has been blessed to be active in various plays and events. Theatre (and cinema) are very exclusive in Moscow; only some people can become an actor. Ford’s classes give anyone opportunities to perform. Nathan teaches children’s classes on Saturday and adult classes on Wednesday, and this affords him influence within this community.

“Like so many other art communities, there is cynicism and “intellectuality,” and I can show them something different. Most of them know what I believe, and I pray for opportunities to challenge what they believe, and to share. I’m essentially building a theatre school and production group, seeking God for direction and continued growth.”

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