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INC is Reversing the Effects of Addiction in Southwest Florida

Over 95,000 deaths from alcohol abuse have taken place in the state of Florida during the last three years.

Almost half of Florida citizens suffer from alcohol dependency, and the numbers have accelerated drastically, exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdowns. In addition, a recent report revealed that there were 7,579 drug overdose deaths in 2020, making Florida #2 for overdose deaths in the nation, behind California. A 37% increase from 2019.

The “Domino Effect,” is a term used to signify a chain reaction where one event initiates a chain of similar, relative events. Actions have consequences, and the “domino effect” chain reaction impacts us individually and those around us, fracturing relationships. As with the falling domino analogy, the result will also affect others. When our actions are negative, they produce adverse effects. Conversely, our positive actions have positive effects.


INC is committed to meeting and addressing the tremendous need for addiction recovery in Southwest Florida. Each year, INC touches hundreds in the community who battle addiction, mental illness, and homelessness with the love and hope of Christ.

Stories of Transformation

“Entering rehab was the most difficult choice of my life. The problem with not being a stranger to the dark, is that you become a stranger to the light, God’s light. I was scared to be seen as an alcoholic and scared to continue the role of a drunk. God used a humble group of artists, who shared their stories and the love of Christ, to bring about a shift and to draw me closer to Him.”

“This ministry will take people into deeper parts of their being. I was able to see myself and experience healing. Through the creative arts ministry, I could express my feelings and drop the cloak of shame. I witnessed the advance and recovery of other men in the rehab program – lives being transformed as God unlocked the door to healing through the ministry of art. Men from all backgrounds, all types of addictions, homeless, and from prison, were so excited to be creative. It was a beautiful miracle. I was given a voice and hope as I journeyed through healing and my renewed relationship with Christ.” Marc

INC’s Arts for Recovery program is achieving significant outcomes. In 2022, INC touched over 400 adults who battle addiction and mental illness with the presentation of the Gospel. Ours is a Christian faith-based approach to the arts and recovery, combining the arts and faith for life transformation to reach the least, the lost, and the last, to achieve a significant, results-oriented impact and connect people to the faith community. Participants engage in Christ-centered, Bible-based activities of prayer, music, and creative arts expression. They gain confidence and hope for their recovery journeys and relationship with God.

Thoughts from the Served Community

This ministry needs to be available to everyone on the front end of stabilization and the back end of recovery. The combination of a Gospel-centered arts approach is achieving excellent outcomes in the lives of people battling addictions and mental illness. Many lives will be saved and changed through this God-inspired program.”

Dr. Jennifer Walpert, Estero, Florida

“We are honored to partner with INC since 2015 as they minister to those who come to us so often in their darkest of hours and, through expressive arts programs, find the light of hope needed to overcome the disease of addiction!

The Expressive Art and Music outreach programs that INC facilitates at the David Lawrence Center's Crossroads Residential Program have enriched the lives of many individuals healing from mental health and substance use challenges. Art and music therapy provides a healing pathway and allows for expressing repressed, hidden feelings not easily put into words. Yet, given these outlets, the inner hurt burst forward into cathartic expression.”

Scott Burgess, President & CEO, David Lawrence Center

A Strategy to Reverse the Domino Effect

INC's Arts for Recovery program offers individuals a chance to tell their stories through creative arts, releasing deep hurts and reaching those often in their darkest hours.

God works through the arts to unlock stories, opening up avenues for healing, igniting the senses, touching the heart, and healing the soul. Arts for Recovery offers individuals a chance to tell their stories through creative arts, releasing deep hurts and reaching those often in their darkest hours. Through expressive art, music, and prayer, they find the light of hope needed to overcome their challenges, scars, and brokenness.

Arts for Recovery brings a new and powerful way to express emotions silenced for years. Emotions stifled, numbed, and that had no name, now have a voice and – but not with words – with art. So many hurting people struggle with verbally expressing those shadows of thoughts or feelings, which, until expressed, may hinder their healing, growth, and the achievement of their full potential. It is cathartic and life-changing, providing a safe passage from a place where emotions are question marks, unnamed and unknowable, to a vibrant space where feelings are affirmed, expressed, and shaped through clay, music, or canvas.

INC launched a Saturday worship service in May of 2023, serving the clients at the David Lawrence Center. God's power is at work in the lives of many. For more information, please call (239) 234-2745.

Be a part of what God is doing!

When you contribute financially, you're supporting a global community that God is using to transform the world. Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to accomplish our mission.

The International Network of Creatives is a Southwest Florida-based, global non-profit that disciples, equips, and unleashes artists to impact the world for Christ and serve the least, the lost, and the last.

For more information on our outreach programs, community groups for artists, and upcoming events. volunteer opportunities or to donate, email or call (239) 234-2745.

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Grateful to serve the recovery community and bring hope and healing.

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