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Jethroe Mateso: Singer, and songwriter with a heART for Worship

Updated: Mar 25

JethRoe Mateso is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, and performer. He started his musical career in a church band in West Nile, Uganda., He later began solo songwriting and recorded his first track, "Ma Seku Do," a Kawka phrase meaning You and Me (a song that tells the love story between my Savior and me. To date, JethRoe has released six studio tracks, including the popular "Gaanda," and "Koboko Nika Na," which also became an anthem for the Kawka, especially those in the diaspora. He performs at revival festivals and urban Gospel music festivals in Arua City.


I was introduced to the International Network of Creatives (INC) in 2023. I began interacting with persons who were extremely passionate not just about art and for God but also about using art to reach out to more people with the message of the Kingdom of God. I have been blessed beyond measure to meet incredible men and women from across the world, burning with a desire to use their creative skills and talents to advance Christ's mission and minister hope and healing to a dying world.
The INC Bible study has helped me grow in my relationship with the Lord through the communal study of His word and put my artistry into perspective as a tool God has entrusted me with to help continue His creative work and workmanship. Since joining the group, I have begun to perceive my music differently and write and produce music with a stronger sense of intentionality. I realize God must be glorified in every note of my melody.

Mateso is a leader of Audience of One, and INC group of musicians and worship leaders. Audience of One is a worship ministry peer-mentorship program aimed at raising a generation of individual and corporate God-centered worshippers who are sufficiently self-aware, personally in a relationship with Jesus, and persistently pursuing excellence in their heart and art of worship.

The program brings together Christian artists and worship leaders from around Koboko on common ground. It provides a shared platform to mentor and edify one another through Bible study, music (vocal, songwriting, and instrumental) coaching, lifestyle moderation, and communal worship.


Got Community? Join an INC Group for creatives today!

At INC Groups, we engage artists through collaboration, corporate worship, prayer, and Bible teaching, creating a space for meaningful relationships, community building, accountability, and discipleship of artists.


INC Groups are for creatives of every kind! Group types: Adult Mixed Creatives, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Gen Z/Gen Alpha groups, Writers, Musicians, Performers, Visual Artists, Filmmakers, etc. 


For more information, contact MIDDLETON THOMPSON at


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The International Network of Creatives is a Southwest Florida-based, global non-profit that disciples, equips, and sends artists to impact the world for Christ, and serve the least, the lost, and the last.


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