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INC is on a Mission to Open the 10/40 Window!

The clock is ticking. Billions have not yet heard the Gospel.

The 10/40 Window is home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world. It is located in the broad section of our earth between the 10th and 40th parallels, including most Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu worlds — those opposed to Christianity. As a result, mission strategists have targeted the 10/40 Window as the most crucial frontier in world evangelism.

At INC, we believe that redeeming people via the Arts is critical in saturating the 10/40 Window with the Gospel. As reflected in their distinct creative cultural expressions, Islam, Buddhist, and Hindu religions revere the arts as a powerful connection to their gods. God is working powerfully through INC's global ministry, opening the 10/40 window, one heart at a time.

The arts are a vital evangelistic tool in reaching an unreached population for Christ. The International Network of Creatives is a catalyst for change and a source of redemption to a diverse population desperately in need of Gospel transformation.

The clock is ticking. Billions have not yet heard the Gospel.

Today, INC has participating artists in 28 states and abroad in Japan, India, Russia, and Africa, continents in the core of the 1040 Window. INC is reaching artists in places where the Gospel has never been heard. This firmly establishes us and the heart of our ministry: embracing a Christ identity, experiencing authentic community, and discovering our God-given purpose as artists. We are leading people to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the One who transforms lives. We are indeed, artists discipling the world.

INC Artists Discipling the World

Ronald Kumbuka, Painter (Kampala, Uganda)

Ronald’s passion is sharing the Gospel through the arts with at-risk youth and young adults. His Affirmative Arts program combines the Gospel and the arts to evangelize and disciple young, incarcerated children and teenage boys.

Nathan Ford, Actor (Moscow, Russia)

Nathan is also an instructor of third-culture kids in Moscow and teaches Theater, Film, and Public Speaking. In each of these roles, His greatest passion and calling are to help students model the greatest Creator and Storyteller of all, Jesus Christ.

Peter Bakelaar, Photographer (Nagoya, Japan)

Peter’s art gallery reaches hundreds of Japanese people with the Gospel. The creative space provides a creative outlet and is opening doorways to disciple and bring hope to a culture adverse to Christianity.

Terry Weaver, Actor (Houston, Texas)

Terry stars in the blockbuster faith-based TV series “Breaking Strongholds” which has reached over 300,000 worldwide - a path of hope for people contemplating suicide. A former addict, transformed, Terry is actively ministering to those battling addiction and mental illness with the love of Christ.

Will you help us open the window?

We believe that a Gospel-infused arts ministry can open the 1040 Window and reach many. We can no longer be satisfied or complacent about the lack of evangelism in unreached nations. We must become intentional change agents, winning the lost at any cost!

Be a part of what God is doing!

When you contribute financially, you're supporting a global community that God is using to transform the world. Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to accomplish our mission. IRS #46-0715738

The International Network of Creatives is a Southwest Florida-based, global non-profit that disciples, equips and sends artists to impact the world for Christ, and serve the least, the lost, and the last.

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