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Turkeys, Eagles, and the Gospel

Updated: May 13, 2022

The March 12th Get Creative Day began with students at a local shelter engaging in Peter Lord’s classic book, Turkeys and Eagles

Turkeys and Eagles is filled with the unwavering, powerful Gospel telling the story about a baby eagle that fell from its nest, falling to the ground into a family of turkeys. In the setting of a skit, the students read and acted out the characters in the story.

Praise the Lord! 11 children/teens made professions of faith!

“Today when I prayed the prayer, I felt like I was finally a part of something. Now that I am a Christian I will begin praying to God more. Praying the prayer makes me grateful to know that I am forgiven for my sins. I like being one of God’s followers. I love God and Jesus. Now I know that in God’s hands, I will be loved and be protected by Him.” Juan, 14

“Thank you for the opportunity you provide for Cindy and me to minister with SCA's outreach programs to kids. Today was particularly moving. Cindy presented her version of the Turkeys and Eagles story to 14 spellbound children and teens, with most volunteering to read character parts in the story. The Lord made his presence manifest when we asked the kid’s application questions, followed by a “sinners’ prayer.” Most prayed the prayer. In our small groups, the students asked penetrating questions about being a child of God and Scripture. Then, we gave the kids bibles of their own, and they were eager to search the scriptures highlighted in the session. We felt the Holy Spirit was harvesting today. We look forward to discipling these new young believers when we return again.” Dave Jonckheere

Today, I accepted Jesus into my heart as my personal Savior. Being a part of God’s family is knowing that you’re never alone, and there is always a better way to open up, knowing that you have Jesus with you at all times.” Alyssa, 14 

More About the Story. . .

Over time as he grew up, the eagle began to think he was a turkey. He lived among his new family of turkeys, gobbling with them, sleeping with them – trotting like a turkey. Yet, he

believed deep inside that he was not a turkey. His wings and beak were different from the other birds. Then, one day he saw an eagle flying high in the sky, majestically soaring above the clouds. He knew he was just like that soaring bird at that very moment. He was an eagle, not a turkey. We are a lot like the eagle. We act and live like someone we are not, taking on the image of others, not believing what God says about us. Our childhood, past traumas, upbringing, family, friends, classmates, society, and culture influence who we become. These are lies from the enemy. We then, like Adam and Eve, fall.

Maybe the turkeys represent us, people who try to be good enough to be loved and go to heaven. Maybe Rad represents the devil, always discouraging us, telling us we are miserable and not good enough. Perhaps the wise owl represents God, who knows who we are and what we need.

Unlike the turkeys who believed the eagles had to keep trying to be better, we are saved by what Jesus did on the cross, not by what we do. They don’t have to fear they will keep sinning because the Holy Spirit will convict them to do right. They will know right from wrong. They will only sin if they choose to sin. Having evil thoughts is not a sin

if not acted on.

The closer we get to Christ, the less we are tempted to work on a wrong thought. God forgives us and fills us with His righteousness.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will choose to do good things, not sinful things.

“Dr. Bill, you have organized a wonderful outreach ministry. Not only does it reach the kids with the Good News of Christ, but it also touches the staff and those of us who serve Christ with you. God has prepared us to share the Gospel. In addition, God has placed these young people at Youth Haven for such a time as this. He brings it all together for his glory.

When I think about the trauma these kids have experienced, I am thankful and blessed to be able to share with them: the Word of God, his Goodness, his Mercy, his Grace, and his Love. It gives me a sense of obedience, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I pray lives will be healed with hope, forgiveness in Christ, love with Christ. Amen! Cindy Jonckheere

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Storytellers Creative Arts (SCA) is a Southwest Florida non-profit organization with a mission to lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the One who transforms lives. SCA disciples and equips artists to accomplish the mission. SCA provides healing and nurturing outreach programs to touch the underprivileged. Programs include visual and performing arts, storytelling, and music. SCA partners with Youth Haven, David Lawrence Centers, New Horizons After-School Clubs of SWFL, Pathways Early Education in Immokalee, and other organizations.

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