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Bezalel: Exploring Your Creative Calling

Updated: May 7, 2022

Dreamer, Schemer.

There are three stages to a plan: The dream stage, where you develop vision, the planning stage, where you develop a method for making those dreams reality, and the execution stage, where what was once intangible becomes real through a planned process of hard work.

Bezalel’s artistic process was no exception. He was called, he was gifted, and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. But his calling and talents weren’t the beginning and end of the story; Bezalel was called and filled for a reason. God gave him a dream, but he had to take the time to plan and execute the reality of that dream. God knew, when He called Bezalel, that Bezalel would not only have the skills necessary to do the work, but the strength to see the Tabernacle’s development from beginning to end.

Whatever that dream may be, God hasn’t given it to you to stay inside you.

You have been given a dream by God. Maybe it’s a manuscript, maybe it’s a business, maybe it’s an album. Whatever that dream may be, God hasn’t given it to you to stay inside you. He’s given you the dream because he knows you can make it a reality. You can devise the plans for and put a sound or an image or a tangible feeling to something that never existed before.

Have you struggled to make your artistic dream a reality? Today, ask Jesus for tangible, manageable steps to take to put action to your art. Seek ways to fulfill the task that God has given you to complete as an artist. Your endurance through the creative process could mean breakthrough for the people who will be touched by what you’ve made.

Excerpt from:

Bezalel: Exploring Your Creative Calling,

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