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INC Artist Community Groups connect creatives far and near

Join a community of inspired artists – creating, collaborating, and connecting. This is a hub for creatives of all types - a vehicle of support and encouragement for artists in an evolving culture to glorify God with our creative gifts and talent. Artists engage in bible study, discussions, worship, creative expression, collaboration and networking. Groups are designed to disciple creatives - guiding them to embrace a Christ identity, to experience authentic community, and discover their God-given purposes.

Community Groups are satellite groups that connect artists from around the world. INC is connecting artists from the USA to Africa, Japan, Russia, India and other parts pf the world. Come hear stories of inspiration and faith journeys of creatives and find community. On-site groups are currently in session.


Here's what group participants are saying:

"Through the INC community artist initiative, I have had the opportunity to discuss the arts and the challenges artists face with other artists. These discussions have shown me that I am not alone in my struggles as an artist and that there are Christian artists willing to discuss their faith and their art as a way to encourage each other. By encouraging artists in their passion as a way to glorify God and by facilitating community between artists, artists will grow not only in their art, but also in their faith."

Elizabeth Fleetham, Actress,

Naples, Florida

"Creating art without community is lonely. I have met fellow travelers along the way and been encouraged to grow in my love for God and each other. The group discussions were helpful to me to see and understand the different contexts that artists find themselves in and how they respond. Wrestling with Biblical responses in the variety of of experiences was very helpful to me personally to step into a bigger world."

Peter Bakelaar, Photographer & Curator

Nagoya, Japan

"For me the group strengthens my resolve to move in the direction that God has for me. To not fear being an artist and know God made that aspect of me for His good purposes. I feel stronger in my spirit after each group session."

Evan Hildebrandt, Mixed Media Artist

Cincinnati, Ohio

Be a part of what God is doing!

When you contribute financially, you're supporting a global community that God is using to transform the world. Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to accomplish our mission. IRS #46-0715738

The International Network of Creatives is a Southwest Florida-based, global non-profit that disciples, equips, and sends artists to impact the world for Christ, and serve the least, the lost, and the last.

Copyright 2023 International Network of Creatives

All rights reserved.

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