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Art By Faith and Touch

Misty Phillips is a gifted singer and musician who is blind. Last May of 2021, Misty gained a renewed faith and relationship with God through music amid many challenges. Misty joined a Tuesday drum circle in Naples, Florida, led by Storytellers Volunteer, Musician, and Educator, Chad Craig.

"I have always had music in my life, whether it be singing, as a child. I was Annie at the Naples dinner theater when I was in the third grade. I won a state competition for playing the flute; as a young adult, I sang with the bands Confederate Railroad and the Mavericks a couple of times. However, after losing my vision, I strayed away from my faith.

On August 27, 2018, my heart stopped beating twice! I can’t even explain all the different things that happened to me while the doctors were trying to keep me alive, but all of it pointed me back in the direction of God! When I play music, sing, dance, etc., I feel even closer to God because he gives me that joy! Learning something new, such as the drums, it’s just another way that I can feel closer to him!

I started going to Chad Craig’s drumming circle in May of 2021. It was a beautiful way of getting out and socializing with other people, co-workers, and friends. It is a bunch of fun. I’ve always enjoyed music, and I believe music becomes if it hasn’t been already, a huge part of our lives when we lose our vision!

"When I play music, sing, dance, etc., I feel even closer to God because he gives me that joy! Learning something new, such as the drums, it’s just another way that I can feel closer to him!"

Chad is very thoughtful in all of this, and he reconfigures the way he teaches for us to be able to understand what he is teaching. It makes me feel awesome to know that his drumming circle helps me feel more independent, as well as Cindy and I working together to include drumming into our summer program at the Lighthouse of Collier. Also, because Cindy, Phyllis, Kerry, and I have learned so much from Chad, the Lighthouse of Collier purchased 12 African drums so that our children can enjoy them as well! I love being a part of Chad’s circle!

Chad Craig shared,

“I have been a music teacher in Collier County Public Schools for over two decades, and I am blessed to teach drumming classes with Storytellers. The people we serve are challenged in many ways. Drumming is a tool of healing that is mending broken hearts. Drumming helps relieve stress and sharpens concentration. It also develops relationships and builds community. God works in the creative musical process, and lives are being transformed as a result.”

Misty Phillips

The drum circle was a vehicle God used to give healing, hope, and a home – a caring community for Misty. We stand amazed that together, we can participate in the timeless ministry of the One who left Heaven to bring hope and light to those in darkness. Through Storytellers Creative Arts, God is rescuing thousands of people, transforming them into beautiful reflections of his glory.

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Storytellers Creative Arts (SCA) is a Southwest Florida non-profit organization with a mission to lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the One who transforms lives. SCA disciples and equips artists to accomplish the mission. SCA provides healing and nurturing outreach programs to touch the underprivileged. Programs include visual and performing arts, storytelling, and music. SCA partners with Youth Haven, David Lawrence Centers, New Horizons After-School Clubs of SWFL, Pathways Early Education in Immokalee, and other organizations.

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