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Andrew Nairn: Cross-Cultural Creative

Native New Yorker Andrew Nairn, graphic designer and filmmaker, answered the call in 2022 to go to Japan with his family to evangelize the people of Chiba. Nairn is a graduate of the University of Delaware in Electrical Engineering (Physics, Material Science, and Japanese) and studied at Columbia International University (Videography) and the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Fine Arts (Film Directing). 

Andrew is a member and facilitator of INC’s Community group. He shares,


“Every lesson is impactful. What I think I may apply the most is the feeling of not being ashamed, having an identity in Christ, and not having other voices inform my inner identity as much, working out how to love the Lord with my art and love and serve others with it. Each of us is allowed to engage. I see the value in art and the definite value in my identity in Christ. But art can be difficult, and sometimes I wonder how necessary it is when Christ is enough. So I want to see more and in practical ways how art can flow out of that relationship, instead of being parallel to it.” 

Andrew is actively involved in media arts ministry, planting churches, and working cross-culturally with his wife and five kids. Andrew’s artwork primarily comes out of his role as a researcher and explorer. It aims to be cross-cultural and investigate those in-between spaces. A unifying theme is comparisons. He has exhibited his photography at the University of Delaware, worked in music production with Oscar-winning composer Darren Moorze, and worked in film in New York City. In addition, Andrew had a photography project featured in the educational and promotional materials of the Taipei Artist Village. 


Andrew studied under French video artist Robert Cahen, American documentary film director Lisa Leeman, and Polish documentary film director Wojciech Staron. His video art was screened at the Yarat Contemporary Art Center of Baku and displayed at the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan. Andrew directed the documentary film, “From Grandmothers to Granddaughters,” which was screened during the DokuBaku film festival and aired on the national TV channel AzTV. He produced the animated short film “Wakeup Sleepyhead” and has written and illustrated a children’s book, “Sarabelle and the Blind Men.”


Andrew has found a community of like-minded people who share similar journeys in pursuing God’s purpose for them as artists.


“The INC Community Groups uplift and support me. I get to do life with ‘my people,’ ‘my tribe.’ I tend to feel more like an outsider or observer at most other Bible studies or small groups that I attend.”


Got Community? Join an INC Group for creatives today!

At INC Groups, we engage artists through collaboration, corporate worship, prayer, and Bible teaching, creating a space for meaningful relationships, community building, accountability, and discipleship of artists.

INC Groups are for creatives of every kind! Group types: Adult Mixed Creatives, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Gen Z/Gen Alpha groups, Writers, Musicians, Performers, Visual Artists, Filmmakers, etc. 

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