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Program Participants

"I suffer from trauma and mental illness.  At Arts for Recovery, I am encouraged in my faith in God and I am reassured of my relationship with him.  Arts for Recovery is a community of art, love, joy and welcoming.  I find peace when I create art." 

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Art-making has opened new avenues to express my multi-dimensional emotional and spiritual challenges. I will never forget this experience. For most of my life, I felt like a caged bird – wings clipped, feet tied. Deep inside, I strained to whisper a song, yearning to be free from the cage of my addiction and mental trauma. I was always singing, always yearning for a better life even in my addiction. God touched my heart and gave me hope through the poem. I am now a free bird, claiming the skies as my very own."

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Storytellers Creative Arts will take people into deeper parts of their own being.  I was able to see myself and to experience healing.  Through the creative arts ministry I was able to express my feelings, and to drop the cloak of shame.  I was able to witness the advance and healing of other men in the rehab program – lives being transformed as God unlocked the door to healing through the ministry of art.  Men from all backgrounds, all types of addictions, homeless and from prison were so excited to be creative. It was a beautiful miracle."

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“I have cerebral palsy and and I am partially blind. INC comes to the Lighthouse for the blind weekly and the program has strengthened my motor skills. I am able to create things I could never have imagined. This program helps me to very strongly tell people about my faith in God through arts as well as being more of a vessel for Him.”

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“I fell into a deep, dark depression, pushing me back into addiction after many years of sobriety. INC connected me to faith and personal relationship with God through painting and I feel alive again.”

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"We are his masterpiece."

Ephesians 2:10

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